Medieval Selfies

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Self-portraits of medieval book artisans are as exciting as they are rare. In the age before the modern camera there were limited means to show others what you looked like. In the very late medieval period, when the Renaissance spirit was already felt in the air, some painters made self-portraits or included themselves in paintings commissioned by others. Stunningly, the medieval painter Jan van Eyck showed himself in the portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his fiance: he is staring at you from the mirror that is hanging behind the couple. For those who still didn’t get it, he painted above it Johannes de eyck fuit hic, Jan van Eyck was here” (Fig. 1, more here). He added the date 1434 to the picture, making it a particularly early selfie.

Jan van Eyck, Giovanni Arnolfini and his fiance, 1434 (right) and mirror detail (left) Fig. 1 – Jan van Eyck, Giovanni Arnolfini and fiance (right)  and mirror detail (left)

As far as producers of books is concerned, there were only two kinds…

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How a Cheating Relationship Has to Include More Than Pathos

        Ethos, Logos, and Pathos-  the three main tools to build an argument.  But did you know that your relationship needs to be well rounded within this triangle of tools too?  It’s true!  If your spouse is cheating or treating you unfairly take a look at ethos, logos, and pathos to find out whether or not you need to break it off.

       Ethos is all about “ethics”.  Think of it as whether you can trust someone and the information they supply you with.  If your significant other isn’t reliable, lies, or is untrustworthy they’re lacking this appeal.  You can tell because you feel uneasy about most of the things on their mysteriously secret agenda.  Randomly leaving at 2am and not saying a word to you?  That’s not trustworthy at all;  think of it this way:  if you needed someone to take care of you in your old age do you 120% trust that they’d come through for you?

       Logos is concerning Logic.  Easy enough right?  Well this is pretty simple to evaluate on your other half.  Do any red flags pop up instantly?  The obvious ones include felonies, or any arrests for that matter, obsessive language, hating children or animals, and having no ambitions.  You don’t want to spend your time with a slob would you?

       Pathos- where emotions run wild.  If your relationship only has emotion to use as a crutch GET OUT GET OUT NOW!  This is just fooling you more than anyone.  “But I love him!/ But he loves me”   this is usually followed by “even though  _____”  Don’t rely on only your emotions.  Let your brain have a good say in this matter as well!

19 Things That Should Be Free

The best things in life are free; but, the most commonly used things in life aren’t.  Here’s a list of things I think we should no longer have to pay for, and why.


  1. Tampons/Napkins- I didn’t choose to have ovaries, and since society frowns upon us women NOT using either products, they shouldn’t cost a thing!
  2. Gum- How much did it actually cost to make this gumball from the mall’s vending machine?  I highly doubt it was even close to 25 cents…
  3. Water- It’s kind of an essential to life…
  4. The Holy Bible- Last time I checked, nobody who is distributing the Bible actually wrote a single word in It.
  5. Diapers- It’s also frowned upon to let babies relieve themselves whereever they please without something to hold it all out of sight (and smell’s) view.
  6. Deodorant- Then there’d be absolutely no excuse for all of these stinky people walking amongst us other than pure laziness and inconsiderateness.
  7. Contacts/glasses- Sight should be free…
  8. Popcorn from the movie theatre-  I just payed $12 to see a comedy with a friend and the only other people in the theatre were a teenage couple making out… YOU should’ve paid ME
  9. Books (to keep- not lent out) – why keep knowledge from being handed out
  10. Medicine- Let’s get this straight, I’M paying YOU to keep me alive with these pills, and if I can’t pay YOU, YOU’RE going to just make ME go WITHOUT?
  11. Geriatric Care- These people have gone through enough, they don’t have to take your eye rolling and snobby attitude.
  12. Self Defense Lessons-  Who says one person should have an advantage when attacked just because they have more money than someone who couldn’t afford $300 classes on different ways to punch a man below the belt?
  13. Yo-Yos and Slinkys-  Even poor children need toys.
  14. Chapstick and Lotion- I have no control whatsoever on how the weather affects my lips and skin.
  15. Soap- Cleanliness is close to Godliness, people should have the right to be clean no matter what their income
  16. Healthy food- Michelle Obama is all anal about eating healthy, that’s easy to say when your husband is making $400,000 a year, but us average Joes aren’t as lucky to have married someone who owns a suit and knows how to lie… oops, ouch.
  17. Formula- baby formula is expensive, and it’s not like a baby can go without.
  18. Coats- Everyone deserves to be warm during the winter
  19. Shoes-Everyone deserves to be able to walk comfortably

The Daring One …

The Daring One
By Edwin Markham

I would my soul were like the bird
That dares the vastness undeterred.
Look, where the bluebird on the bough
Breaks into rapture even now!
He sings, tip-top, the tossing elm
As tho he would a world o’erwhelm.
Indifferent to the void he rides
Upon the wind’s eternal tides.

He tosses gladly on the gale,
For well he knows he can not fail—
Knows if the bough breaks, still his wings
Will bear him upward while he sings!

Artists to Add to Your Playlist

V.V. Brown:

An English singer/song writer.  She was born in Northhampton, England and sings indie pop.  She’s the artist of “Shark in the Water” released in 2009 and was ranked 13th on the French Singles Charts and 11th on Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs in 2009-2010.  Her songs are so underplayed it should be a crime.  Her music is so crisp and could be compared to if Adele and Icona Pop had a baby, that’d be her music.  She’s extremely talented and below are the links to some of my favorite songs of hers.  Enjoy!

A Fine Frenzy:

Alison Sudol is an American alternative singer/ songwriter.  She sings soft pop songs, her music can be compared to artists such as Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles.  Her music is uplifting and inspirational.  Absolutely a wonderful artist!  Check her out below!

Passion Pit:

A band containing Michael Angelakos, Ian Hultquist, Jeff Apruzzese, and Xander Singh, from Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Their music is considered indietronica, which is somewhat indie/folk mixed with electro/techno.  It’s absolutely addicting.  They could be compared to Capital Cities and Foster of the People.  Here are a few of my favorites below:

2014 Hair Trends to Follow Religiously #2

Buns Buns Buns!

Chignon buns with scarves, sock buns with cardigans. A perfect duo for the frosty winter weather we’re loving here.  Not only are buns all the rage for the past TWO seasons, they’re also easy to style and will cause death-stares of jealousy among frien-emies and friends alike.  This entry is entirely dedicated to lazy hairstyles for girls who just can’t handle the pressure of intricate and troublesome hairstyles. 



Image provided by Sincerely, Kinsey


Chignon Buns:

Now, what exactly is a Chignon in the first place?  According to a Chignon is “an arrangement of long hair in a roll or knot at the back of the head”.  Let’s get this straight, it’s a bun rolled into place.  I’m sorry, I was just imagining all of the extra sleep I’d get instead of fighting with my curling iron and straightener in the morning.   I know you’re probably asking yourself; ‘But how do I style a Chignon, Emily?’.  Well I’ll tell you my lazy beauties, I linked a few websites below to get you started.  You can thank me later 😉

Vintage Styled Chignon Bun

Loosely Curled Chignon Bun

Elegant Chignon Bun


Sock Buns:

You’re going to need to practice this like twice and you’ll have it down pat.  It takes a bit of coordination and tucking in those weird short random hair pieces, but nothing too difficult.  A sock bun is a bun made to be big, fat, and voluptuous with the help of a little hairspray and a hair donut.

ImageImage provided by Minty and Peaches

Hair donuts can be made from a few things; personally,I’m cheap.  Plain and simple.  I use a cut sock (How to make a sock bun donut) although it works just as well and it costs next to nothing, I advise you to choose a sock relatively the same color as your hair so that it camoflauges.  Store bought donuts are also made of mesh and sponge.  It’s your personal preference that makes the difference, I honestly have no preference.

So back to the bun, It’s perfectly easy and quick.  You put your hair into a high pony tail, slip your hair through the hole in the donut, then you simply roll your hair into the donut and secure to the top of your head.  Simple, but you’ll enjoy some lovely tutorials I found for you below.

Ballerina Sock Bun Tutorial 

Sock Bun for Fine Hair

Another Way to Sock Bun